Since 1981 ME Engineers has worked on some of the most recognized buildings in the world. We are continually working to improve by using innovative techniques and hiring the best people.


We shape buildings into places where people have unforgettable experiences. We design environments to live, work, and perform in, led by technical expertise and inspired by genuine innovation. We do it through talent and technology, hiring the best engineers who can get the most out of our state-of-the-art systems.

Working in a design-led, creative environment, we collaborate openly with the world’s top architects and builders to develop responsive, cutting-edge engineering. It’s not about doing what’s been done before – it is about creating a new possible.


How do people feel inside a building? Are they thriving? Are they relaxed? Are they productive? Architects design for people, yet the work of engineers can also affect experience in just as powerful a way. Everyone needs an engaging environment.

A place that responds to their needs so they can make a strong emotional connection to where they spend their most important moments. We turn square footage into human experience.


We combine exceptional talent and creativity with a real understanding of what people need from their environment. Our teams are made up of hard-working, uniquely experienced engineers who have complete command over the sophisticated technology essential for modern design.

Yet advanced systems and the smartest minds will only get you so far – the only way to make a real impact is to cultivate a culture of service, to our clients, to our buildings, and to our communities.

Our engineers are licensed throughout the United States as well as internationally.


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We have built a legacy at ME Engineers based on delivering culture-defining projects with consistent service and quality.

Mike Hart, Principal and CEO