Our team focuses on setting new standards for sustainability

Where design meets possible

At ME Engineers, sustainability is embedded into every decision we make. Throughout our 40-year history, we have advanced efficient, durable and reliable designs that uniquely shape the way our clients and communities interact with the built environment. To do this, we balance maximum efficiency and performance with the client’s needs and expectations to create an iconic structure ready to withstand the test of time.

Over the years, the design community has developed rating systems to provide a uniform means of evaluating the success of sustainable designs. At ME Engineers, we recognize that one sustainable standard may not be appropriate for all sustainable projects. The ME Engineers team includes more than 60 LEED APs who have overseen the design of 50,000,000 SF of LEED projects across all building types. Our projects establish new standards for performance. We are happy to assist our clients with the certification processes if they seek recognition for their projects.

Although ratings play a role in shaping our designs, these requirements are only part of the larger sustainability narrative. When designing LEED buildings, it is not enough to look at the total number of points earned to determine how “sustainable” the design really is. As experts in the field, we think beyond certification thresholds to understand the implications of each design decision we make.

We need to think about the impact of our work beyond the building’s four walls by considering the broader impact our buildings have on society. For example, what role can energy savings play in water-stressed regions? Should our clients invest in energy efficiency systems, onsite renewables, or both? How does one new building influence the overall carbon footprint of the larger corporate campus? Have I exhausted all my options to make this design as sustainable as it can be?

The answers to these questions are what humanize our buildings. Together we will ask the right questions and push towards a brighter, more sustainable, future.