ME Engineers has identified practice leaders in each of our regions to coordinate the evaluation of concepts and the education of our teams. Our goal is to make the latest thoughts, practices, and research available to all our clients.

COVID-19 presented itself to the world and the engineering community with little warning. After spending the past several decades focused on increasing the density of building occupancy and optimizing energy efficiency we are faced with a challenge where the most fundamental solutions include reducing occupant density and diluting the risk of virus transmission through increased ventilation, potentially increasing energy consumption.

Over the past 40 years ME Engineers has built a practice solving unique challenges. Our clients are some of the world’s largest owners and operators of complex healthcare, science, education, sports, commercial and public assembly buildings. Many of our buildings are one-of-a-kind and the skills we apply to address unique challenges are proving extremely valuable in these challenging times.

We are engaged in the work of identifying solutions that will bring resolution to buildings during the pandemic and continue to serve a useful function after the daily concern of the virus spread has passed. We are evaluating the application of complex solutions that challenge the limits of science and available equipment while also considering lower impact solutions like increased ventilation and proper humidity control as effective mitigations.

Through our independent research and our participation in industry task forces we are tracking hundreds of products and solutions that can be applied to the unique challenges our clients face. The simplest solutions leverage the current understanding of virus transmission pathways and the active life of the virus on surfaces to avoid unnecessary and costly investments in systems and labor. More complex solutions adapt the proven containment and treatment options we have been applying to healthcare and lab buildings for many years.

In a period where “white papers” seem the common approach, we believe that the most effective way to serve our clients is by continuing to apply our knowledge and skills to develop solutions that consider our clients’ unique needs. One size does not fit all and each solution must be evaluated to confirm performance and effective deployment of capital.

An active discussion that crosses building types and professional disciplines is the best path forward. Our team is available to continue the discussion.