• Avon Streetscape
    Redevelopment &
    Lighting Design

    Avon, CO

    Redesign of historic Main Street to provide a narrative walk through the history, forms and culture of the community. The design focuses on five focal point spaces or public spaces to create a pedestrian friendly orientation with public gathering spaces.

    BG Exploration

    Reading UK

    Campus wide low energy external lighting design.

    Denargo Market

    Denver, CO

    An energy study and master plan to support the redevelopment of a low income housing neighborhood which included existing energy research, forecasting proposed energy models, and creating strategies for reduced energy demand and production using geothermal, photovoltaics, passive
solar heating, solar water heating, building envelope efficiency, Energy Star appliances, and daylighting.
  • Denver Housing Authority South Lincoln
    Beautification Project

    Denver, CO

    An energy study and master plan to support the redevelopment of a low income housing neighborhood. The planning effort included existing energy research, forecasting proposed energy models, creating strategies focused on the site for reduced energy demand, production and education. The site plans to incorporate geothermal, photovoltaics, passive solar heating, solar water heating, increased building envelope efficiency as well as incorporating controls, Energy Star appliances, and daylighting.

    Eagle Streetscape
    Redevelopment &
    Lighting Design

    Eagle, CO

    In keeping with its historic past, we transformed the dull main street into a vibrant nightscape complete with moving light streams, rock island and historic pedestrian lighting reminiscent of it’s mining and ranching heritage. Old industrial street lighting is replaced with pedestrian scale sculptured illumination.
  • Gilbert Lindsay Plaza

    Los Angeles, CA

    This public transit plaza serves the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Staples Center arena and LA Live complex as a bus layover port and provides public green space.

    Grand Prairie Esplanade Central Park Master Plan & Design

    Grand Prairie, TX

    The Grand Prairie Esplanade is a unique campus planning effort to connect two new municipal facilities on a broad and open campus. The planning efforts included utility coordination and energy studies and utility relocations and extensions. The site is planned today to support a new justice center and recreation facility and is planned to support two additional recreation facilities, an amphitheater and several commercial buildings.
  • Horizon Uptown
    Master Plan

    Aurora, CO

    This new mixed-use community is the development of 503 acres of land with 4 million sf of office and flex space, 1.3 million sf of retail, 11,000 employees, 3,800 homes and 8,000 residents. Sustainability is a key focus and the design was part of the U.S. Green Building Council’s innovative LEED-Neighborhood Development pilot program.

    Kansas Army Ammunition Plant Infrastructure Master Plan

    Parsons, KS

    This 5,000-acre development is currently an Ammunition manufacturing plant, formerly part of the Army munitions plants across the country. The master plan development included studies of existing utility infrastructure, energy models and planning strategies for future commercial and industrial development on the site.
  • Lowry Range
    Master Planning

    Aurora, CO

    Lowry Range is a planned new 4,000-acre community with 1.5 million sf of retail, 5,000 employees, 13,000 homes and 20,000 residents. Sustainability strategies included introducing recent energy efficient technologies such as LED street lighting, photovoltaic and wind as energy sources as well as solar orientation and small community centers to focus energy consumption. Campus systems were also explored
to reduce waste and reuse resources throughout the development.

    Mesa del Sol Master Plan

    Albuquerque, NM

    The 9,000-acre development is roughly equivalent to 25% of the current size of Albuquerque. Planning included Dry Utility master planning and Lighting Design, improving energy supply and reliability while incorporating renewable strategies, the planning and construction of two miles of natural gas pipeline and coordination of a 230kV switch yard and substation.
  • Stapleton Redevelopment

    Denver, CO

    The project is transforming a former airport into a 3,000-acre community with 10,000 residents, six schools and 200 shops, restaurants and services. The project has encompassed five planning areas and over thirty filings. Within each planning area and filing, ME Engineers performed the Dry Utility master planning and design services, lighting design and master planning services.

    The Grove at Farmer's Market

    Los Angeles, CA

    Infrastructure planning and design for electrical and teledata service to 575,000 sf outdoor marketplace and retail destination. The venue features a large central park for events, an internal transit system using electric-powered trolley cars, and a ‘smart’ parking structure with sensors to display available spaces.
  • VTB Petrovsky Park

    Moscow, Russia

    The stadium development is the showcase venue for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The commission includes MEP master plan and building concepts for: Entertainment complex of 255,900m2 (a 50,000-seat stadium, 12,000-seat arena and a retail complex in excess of 100,000m2): 113,000m2 multipurpose sports hall & training facility (football and ice hockey pitches and gymnastics facilities): 422,300m2 commercial district comprising hotel, offices and apartments.